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Elessia, a changeling and cleric of Calistria, wields a whip.
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A whip is a long leather cord or strand that can be wielded as a non-lethal, if painful, one-handed weapon. Its usage is distinguished by the cracking sound of its rapidly flicked slash. Whips have an array of uses both in and out of combat; they can disarm, trip, and knock opponents back,1234 and certain enchantments can grant them enough prehensility to be used like a grappling hook.56

Basic whips can cost 1 silver piece3 to 1 gold piece and weigh up to 2 pounds.12

Hellknight Toulon Vidoc wields a spiked cat-o'-nine-tails.


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Whips are a broad concept and sometimes considered flails,12 and many types of them exist:

A gnoll wields a scorpion whip.

Unique whips

Rythius, the kyton scourge, is a magical whip once possessed by a brijidine azata. When wielded by the forces of good, it becomes infused with the alignment and particularly effective against kytons.28

The Tigress's Strand is a magical, web-resistant scorpion whip made of hardened spider silk with bear-claw studs.29

On Golarion

Whips are often favored by vigilantes,30 by swashbucklers of the Shackles,31 and by Okeno Slavers.32 Bards are also skilled with whips, among other weapons.33

Hellknight orders of the Rack and Scourge favor whips.34

A sect of the Runelord Sorshen's wizards developed enchantment-delivering magical whips known as sadist's lashes.35

Some enchanted Aspis Consortium badges are known as Aspis badges of last resort, and are able to transform into (among other things) a whip.36

Certain vine leshys sprout appendages that they can use as whips.37

In religion

Whips are the favored weapon of Abraxas,38 Calistria,39 Dahak,40 Gendowyn,40 Gogunta,38 Lissala,40 Matravash,41 Moloch,38 Ragadahn,42 Ranginori,43 and Selket.38

Calistrians are particularly drawn to whips, and are known to use them to deliver poisons.44 Rangers faithful to Calistria often train heavily with whips.45 Vengeful kisses are Calistrian magical whips that can extend as far as 50 feet in length.46

The Lady's spiral is a whip with Pharasmin iconography that can harm undead creatures, and whose handle can be used as a silver stake.47

A perfectionist shavtoosh is an Iroran prayer cloth often worn as a shawl or belt, but can also be wielded as a magical whip.48


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