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Dinosaurs ambush Kyra.

Usually warm environments
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 83

Dinosaurs are powerful, lizard-like animals. Many tower to gigantic sizes.

In Golarion

Dinosaurs are believed to have originated in the vault of Deep Tolguth in the Darklands realm of Orv. They continue to thrive there, as well as in the region of Tolguth on the surface world, in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.1

There may once have been a link between Deep Tolguth and Tolguth, presumably via the Earthnavel, which allowed the dinosaurs to migrate up to the surface. If so, these tunnels have long since collapsed.2

Dinosaurs can also be found in other remote areas of Golarion, such as the Mwangi Expanse.3

The largest dinosaurs have little to fear from most non-dinosaurs, but are a favourite food source for froghemoths.4

The Thunderscale tribe of kobolds, which lives in the jungles of Mediogalti Island, revere their local dinosaurs as gods. They engage in extremely dangerous religious rituals. Captive dinosaurs are released amongst members of the tribe; those kobolds who manage to survive the experience are considered to be blessed.5 Many lizardfolk also revere dinosaurs, and some even believe themselves to be descended from dinosaurs. Lizardfolk sometimes keep dinosaurs as beasts of war or burden, or else allow them to roam free about their settlements.6

Example dinosaurs

Similar creatures

These large reptiles are not technically dinosaurs, but are often found in similar areas:


Pterosaurs are flying reptiles related to dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs in religion

Associated with deities granting their followers the Scalykind domain, deities may instead grant the Saurian subdomain, which allows their followers to have a dinosaur animal companion.7

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