Aspodell Mountains

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The Aspodell Mountains form the western border between Andoran and its rival Cheliax. Unlike the Five Kings Mountains north of Andoran, the Aspodells are not a particularly tall range, but their highest peaks are known to reach above 9,000 feet. The mountains' rugged slopes form a substantial border between Andoran and Cheliax, with only one easy pass, the Aspodell Pass, overlooked by the walled town of Piren's Bluff. As the iron-rich mountains are claimed by both neighboring nations, Andoran maintains a military presence in Aspodell Pass as well, although the rest of the mountains are lightly inhabited, monster-infested, and not known to hold significant mineral wealth.12


The Aspodell Mountains were the sight of an entire military campaign, termed the Aspodell Campaign, fought during Taldor's expansionist wars. After the Fourth Army of Exploration had cleared the lowlands and created the Taldan province of Andoran in 1707 AR, the local Kellid tribes living in the Aspodell Mountains continued resisting the invaders for more than 400 years. Attacks from these mountain nations continued until 2133 AR, when the Seventh Army of Exploration defeated the most powerful Kellid tribe opposing Taldor's rule, the Isgeri.3

Places of Interest

Candlestone Caverns

Infested with kobolds, gremlins, and other hazards, the Candlestone Caverns provide explorers with an entrance to the Nar-Voth level of the Darklands. This cavern is also the nearest entrance to the fey Court of Ether.4

Crystal Falls

A majestic waterfall in the southern Aspodells that seems to be haunted.5

Piren's Bluff

This strategically located town overlooks the Aspodell Pass, the only pass through the Aspodell Mountains. Currently held by Andoran, rumors suggest that local dignitaries wish closer ties with Cheliax. The local baron has even ordered construction of a temple to Asmodeus within his small demesne's walls.6