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Large town
3,792 Humans, 432 halflings, 240 elves, 144 dwarves, 93 gnomes, 45 half-elves, 42 half-orcs, 12 other
Conventional (town council)
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 23-24

Bellis is a remote settlement in far northeastern Andoran along the banks of the Sellen River. Established as a lumber town, it now produces additional agricultural goods in addition to cut timber.1 Bellisians like to call themselves "foresters" instead of "lumberjacks". The "lumberjacks" are regarded as undisciplined amateurs.2


The town of Bellis sits on the western banks on the Sellen River, on the border with Taldor. It is built hard against the Verduran Forest.1


Bellis was founded in the mid-47th century AR, when Andoran decided to seek out additional sources of timber1 and increase its presence in the area.3


The primary reason for Bellis' founding was to supplement decreased timber resources found in Andoran's Arthfell Forest and Darkmoon Wood. The town has proven to be agriculturally rich as well; Bellis is known to produce high quality honey, beeswax, and mead.1 The settlement makes additional revenue from trade up and down the mighty Sellen River, one of the most-traveled waterways in Avistan, although its residents have little love for these migrants.3

The old city residents also detest the several hundred lumberjacks that come to Bellis for work each spring. Members of the "old families" view the transient lumberjacks as troublemakers they must tolerate since timber is a major part of the town's economy. When they are not at work, the newcomers spend their time drinking and fighting. Most of the lumberjacks reside in the Pit, which is a natural hollow adjacent to Sellen River filled with tents and shanties. The town authorities mostly ignore the Pit.2


Deegs Agraive is the Gavel of the Lumber Consortium in Bellis. He is assisted by Overboss Choms "Chomber" Snikt.4


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