Pirate's Prophecy

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Pirate's Prophecy
Pirate's Prophecy
Author(s) Chris A. Jackson
Publisher Tor Books
Price Print: $14.99
ePub/PDF: $9.99
Released February 2, 2016
Type Novel
Binding Trade paperback, ePub, PDF
isbn ISBN 978-0-7653-7547-6
ISBN 978-1-4668-4734-7 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales
Follows Bloodbound
Precedes Hellknight
Artwork from Pirate's Prophecy

Pirate's Prophecy, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Chris A. Jackson, was released on February 2, 2016. The novel is the third to tell the tale of pirate captain Torius Vin and the crew of the Stargazer, after Pirate's Honor and Pirate's Promise.

Hell on the High Seas!Captain Torius Vin has given up the pirate life in order to bring freedom to others. Along with his loyal crew and Celeste, the ship's snake-bodied navigator and Torius's one true love, the captain of the Stargazer uses a lifetime of piratical tricks to capture slave galleys and set the prisoners free. But when the crew's old friend and secret agent Vreva Jhafae uncovers rumors of a terrifying new magical weapon in devil-ruled Cheliax—one capable of wiping the abolitionist nation of Andoran off the map—will even their combined forces be enough to stop a navy backed by Hell itself?

From award-winning novelist Chris A. Jackson comes a tale of magic, mayhem, and nautical adventure, set in the vibrant world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Pirate's Prophecy features the following characters:

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  • Map Inner Sea Region and the Stargazer (8)
  • Chapter 1 New Places, New Faces (11)
  • Chapter 2 Whispers in the Dark (32)
  • Chapter 3 Prophecy and Deception (52)
  • Chapter 4 Invitations (70)
  • Chapter 5 Eyes in the Dark (85)
  • Chapter 6 A Star to Steer Her By (99)
  • Chapter 7 Perilous Prophecies (114)
  • Chapter 8 Predators and Prey (130)
  • Chapter 9 Playing with Fire (146)
  • Chapter 10 The Devil's Den (165)
  • Chapter 11 A Change of Plans (183)
  • Chapter 12 Consultations (199)
  • Chapter 13 Thieves in the Night (209)
  • Chapter 14 Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (228)
  • Chapter 15 A Devil by the Tail (243)
  • Chapter 16 From the Depths (254)
  • Chapter 17 Hell and High Water (261)
  • Chapter 18 Abandon Ship (271)
  • Chapter 19 A Deadly Bluff (282)
  • Chapter 20 Death of the Stargazer (290)
  • Chapter 21 Drowning Time (297)
  • Chapter 22 The Lesser Evil (306)
  • Chapter 23 Spoils of War (322)
  • About the Author (335)
  • Acknowledgements (337)
  • Glossary (339)
  • Previews (345)

Paizo published Chapter Three in the Paizo Blog as a sample chapter.


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James L. Sutter discussed Pirate's Prophecy and its main characters in the Paizo Blog during February 2016.


This is a clean version of the artwork for the cover of Pirate's Prophecy:

Clean version of the cover of Pirate's Prophecy