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The Gem

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The Gem
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March–May 2015
Short Fiction
4 chapters

"The Gem", a short story by Gary Kloster, was released as Pathfinder Tales web fiction in March–May 2015. The story serves as a prequel to Kloster's novel, Firesoul, featuring the same protagonist, Mosa Jiri Maju.


"The Gem" contains the following chapters.

  1. "Gods and Crocodiles" - March 25, 2015 - link
  2. "Thirty Trees' Treasure" - April 8, 2015 - link
  3. "Taba's Hunt" - April 29, 2015 - link
  4. "Great Beasts" - May 6, 2015 - link


"The Gem" features the following characters:


Plot summary

Mwangi Naming Convention

Traditional Mwangi naming convention used in this story is different from the first name and surname combination commonly used in Avistan. In the Mwangi, a three-part naming convention is often adopted such that a person's full name is constructed as follows: their tribe's name, followed by their given name, followed by their home name. For instance, 'Mosa Oza Thirty Trees' can be interpreted thus: Oza is a member of the Mosa tribe and his home is in Thirty Trees. In general conversation, just 'Oza' is probably used. Within the Pathfinder Wiki, pages are titled by the fullest name we have within our sources, though we shall endeavour to place redirection pages for variants used within the texts. For alphabetical ordering, we shall use the given name as the main name as this is always given, whereas the tribal name or the home name is often missing.


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  1. This is a guess based on the description of Dahren's spell in Chapter Four