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Coffee is a dark brown drink brewed using boiling water on crushed and roasted coffee beans.1 The beans tend to grow only in hotter climates but are traded around Golarion and cost 5 copper pieces for a pound of whole beans or 8 coppers for a pound of ground beans. The drink is mildly stimulating.2 Coffee is a common drink in the morning or afternoon, and is often drunk with additives like lavender and rose water.3

In Katapesh, coffee is consumed as a precursor to business meetings, upon the arrival of guests, and after large meals.4

Types of coffee

Jungle coffee
A very strong coffee with an acquired taste, 'jungle style' brewed coffee exhibits an acidic palate with notes of wine.5
A popular variety of bitter coffee where the bitterness is attenuated using copious amounts of milk, sugar, and spice. It is drunk at any time during the day and is especially popular in coffee houses. Fortune tellers are known to use the remaining grounds left at the bottom of the cup to predict the future for the drinker.5

Coffee houses

See also: Category:Coffee houses

A number of coffee houses exist throughout the Inner Sea region to cater for those requiring this popular beverage.


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