Cassomir's Locker (location)

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The Imperial Naval Shipyards district of Cassomir has been rebuilt many times in the city's history, growing from a small wharf into a large dockyard and finally into the great shipyards of the empire. Layers of construction and the land's natural tendency to sink into the Blackwood Swamp, resulted into a huge underground complex of flooded tunnels, abandoned basements, sewers, and vaults which is known as Cassomir's Locker. The Locker is said to be home to crocodiles, huge rats, and giant insects, and only a small part of the Locker has been explored. Explorations of the shallowest levels have generated stories of deros, drow, hryngars,1 and other creatures of the Darklands living just below the city. All known entrances are permanently sealed or guarded.2

Many citizens consider the stories of vile deros lurking under the city as rumblings of the mad but the truth is that the large dero city of Corgunbier lies below Cassomir.3


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