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The Rune of Akiton

The Red; the Red Star; the Red Planet
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Thin but breathable
2 years
Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 16-19
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Akiton (pronounced A-keh-ton)1 is the fourth planet from the sun in Golarion's solar system and one of the two closest to the blue planet.2

First contact on Akiton.


Red in color, Akiton is both colder and harder than its sunward neighbor.3 Geographically, its surface is dominated by sparse deserts and glaciers, many of which are dried-up former ocean beds; its mountains and chasms are respectively the solar system's tallest and deepest. Akitonians favor firearms, which have exceptional range thanks to its thin atmosphere and low gravity.4

Rune representation

In scholarly works, Akiton is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle with four 'L' shaped prongs at each diagonal making an approximation of a four-legged beetle.5


While home to a wide variety of life, both intelligent and not, the primary inhabitants of the Red Planet are the tribal shobhads, four-armed men standing twelve feet in height and capable of wielding a sword in each of their four hands. They share the world with the timid and crafty Ysoki ratfolk and Ikeshti the red-skinned lizardfolk who hunt the great sand serpents of Akiton's dried sea beds with only primitive or natural weapons. The Contemplatives of Ashok are perhaps the strangest inhabitants of Akiton, even among the panoply of alien beings who live on the world, and their soft and throbbing brain-sacs provide them an unnatural connection to the facts of the distant past and future.3

Other life on Akiton includes:67


Akiton's cities host cosmopolitan trade centers and shelter its residents from the unstable life in the wastes. Some of the most notable places on Akiton are listed below:46


Akiton has no known satellites.6

Links to Golarion

  • The Contemplatives created a permanent, but flawed, link between Akiton and Golarion. At the Golarion end it appears as a ring of crimson stone; this ring is in the Mwangi Expanse and is known as the Doorway to the Red Star.8910
  • Arl is secretly linked to the Maze of the Open Road in Galt.9
  • Akiton (along with Castrovel and Golarion's eccentric orbit) exhibit a strange influence over the floor of Lake Nirthran in the Darklands realm of Sekamina, causing it to buckle up near the lake's center.11 This has an influence on the tides of the Dying Sea that are not fully understood by scholars.12


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