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Ezren brews potions.
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A potion is a magical liquid that, when drunk, provides the benefit of a spell to the imbiber. Sometimes a potion is manufactured as a magic oil, which is applied externally rather than drunk. Either way, the potion or oil can only be used once and then the magic is expended. Potions and oils are brewed and can only be made by trained potion brewers. Common potions include those that provide healing or magical protection to an imbiber.1


A potion merchant.

Potions and oils vary in appearance, for instance, in colour and consistency. Nevertheless, to be effective about one ounce of liquid is required per dose. A potion is usually sold in glass or ceramic containers—perhaps a vial—that is securely stoppered, yet relatively easily opened, and that can be used in difficult situations. The container tends to be about two inches high and one inch wide.2

Relationship to poison

The art of potioncraft can be combined with poison-making to infuse poisons with spells.3

Purchasing potions and oils

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Potion shops operate throughout and beyond the Inner Sea region.


Paizo Inc. published a sourcebook about potions: Potions & Poisons.

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