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Goblins chase the pig called Squealy Nord.

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 113
This article is about the domesticated animal. For its wild relative, see boar. For the tavern in Magnimar, see Pig (tavern).

Pigs are small, omnivorous, four-legged animals often domesticated for their meat and hide, but are also clever, sociable, and trainable on their own.1 Some spellcasters even take pigs as familiars,2345 especially halflings and gnomes6 and spellcasters in Varisia.7

Large pigs are sometimes called hogs, female pigs sows, and infant pigs piglets.8 Boars are their wilder ancestors.1


Pigs can vary greatly in size and color based on their breed and upbringing,8 and most weigh between 100 and 300 pounds.1 A typical pig has a large head, long burrowing snout, and four hoofed toes per foot. Male pigs have tusks for canine teeth.8


Pigs are hardy animals, and wild pigs can survive in almost any conditions. They have an acute sense of smell and good vision in dim light.2


In the wild, pigs might be found living alone, in pairs, or in herds of up to 12.2 Domestically, pig farmers manage eight or more pigs at a time.9 Pigs are known to squeal loudly when distressed.10

On Golarion

As food

Pigs are often bred for their meat (called pork) in temperate locations, with popular cuts including bacon and ham.1112 Goblins are especially fond of pigs, who go beyond feasting on the animals to torture them, train them to be mounts, or use their fat to make pig grease to lubricate themselves out of trouble.13

Eastern Cheliax is home to numerous pig farms,14 and simmered pork loin with sweet onions and apples is a popular regional dish.15 Orcs breed pigs and goats as domestic livestock,16 as do halflings, who also in rare instances use pigs as mounts to defend their farms.17

As weapons

Noxious pig
(Alchemical item)

Alchemical weapon
Source: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, pg(s). 72

Alchemists alter the decomposition of hog corpses to transform them into nauseating weapons when flung by siege engines such as trebuchets and catapults, or by particularly large creatures.18

In religion

Tales of Erastil's wrath claim that Old Deadeye turns disobedient, greedy worshipers into pigs if it makes them more useful to their community.1920

In sport

Harsk tries to muscle a point in a match of blood pig.

Blood pig is a violent, physical sport popular in Old Korvosa wherein two unarmed teams of eight players earn points by snatching a live pig and throwing, punting, or dropping it into pits containing hungry wolverines.10

Some harvest festivals, such as those in Ravenmoor, include a competition where participants attempt to be the first to wrestle and pin down a greased pig.21


Moss pigs live in swamps, and have long strands of fungus and moss hanging from their sides and tusks22 and a mottled, hairy coat.23

Sin seekers were once pigs but have been magically warped and extensively bred to become eyeless flying creatures that can compel honesty and smell morality.24

Known pigs


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