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A hawk is a common type of bird.

birdlike, avian

A bird is the name given to the countless species of vertebrate animals, characterized by feathers, toothless beaks, and the laying of eggs.1 They include a wide-ranging assortment of creatures, including dodos, parrots, ravens, thrushes, toucans, and birds of prey, like hawks, ospreys, and owls.2


Dodos are short, squat, flightless birds with long, round beaks that are sometimes found on the coastlines of Garund. They are occasionally used by seagoing spellcasters as familiars.3


Hawks are one of a number of common raptor species who make their home in the temperate climes of Avistan. They are commonly domesticated as pets and to assist in hunting.4


Eagles are several species of large and powerful raptors that typically inhabit high mountains, where they nest on cliffsides or in high trees.5

Herons, cranes, and egrets

Egrets, cranes, and herons are long-legged, coastal birds with long beaks.6 Egrets are the sacred animals of the empyreal lord Winlas, while herons fulfill that role for Shei.7 Enchanter herons are a species native to Azlant, who have gained bioluminescent throat sacs due to their long exposure to magic.8


A goblin pirate and his parrot.

Owls are quiet nocturnal flyers who hunt rodents. They are common familiars for spellcasters.9


Ravens are avian omnivorous scavengers who subsist on a diet of fruits, small animals, carrion, and insects.10 They are frequently found in the company of spellcasters as familiars.11


A songbird as Shelyn's holy symbol.

Songbird is a broad term applying to many species of bird who have musical calls and vocalizations.12 They are the favored animals of Shelyn, goddess of beauty, and appear frequently in her holy symbols as well as artworks depicting her or her faithful.13


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