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Death's Heretic

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Death's Heretic
Death's Heretic

Print: $9.99
ePub/PDF: $6.99
Audiobook: $24.95
Print/eBook: November 2011
Audiobook: January 19, 2016
Mass market paperback
385 pages
10 h 9 m
ISBN 978-1-60125-369-9
ISBN 978-1-60125-370-5 (ebook)

Death's Heretic, a novel by James L. Sutter, was released in November 2011. Its sequel, The Redemption Engine, followed in 2014. Death's Heretic was named the third-best fantasy novel of 2011 by Barnes & Noble Booksellers.1 The audiobook for the title, narrated by Ray Porter, was released on in January 2016, and was given away free for the first month to celebrate the launch of Pathfinder Tales on Audible.

Nobody Cheats DeathA warrior haunted by his past, Salim is a problem-solver for a church he hates, bound by the death goddess to hunt down those who would rob her of her due. Such is the case in the desert nation of Thuvia, where a powerful merchant on the verge of achieving eternal youth via a magical elixir is mysteriously murdered, his soul stolen from the afterlife. The only clue is a magical ransom note, offering to trade the merchant's spirit for his dose of the fabled potion. But who could steal a soul from the boneyard of Death herself? Enter Salim, whose unique skills should make solving this mystery a cinch. There's only one problem: The investigation is being financed by the dead merchant's stubborn and aristocratic daughter—and she wants to go with him. Together, the two must embark on a tour of the Outer Planes, where devils and angels rub shoulders with fey lords and mechanical men, and nothing is as it seems.


Death's Heretic features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Prologue (9)
  • Chapter 1 A Death in the Family (19)
  • Chapter 2 Stories from a Corpse (37)
  • Chapter 3 The Jackal's Den (67)
  • Chapter 4 The Queen of Spice (83)
  • Chapter 5 Death's Reward (99)
  • Chapter 6 Flames in the Night (107)
  • Chapter 7 Leavetaking (129)
  • Chapter 8 The Boneyard (139)
  • Chapter 9 The Eternal City (167)
  • Chapter 10 The Clever Endeavor (185)
  • Chapter 11 Riddles and Chaos (207)
  • Chapter 12 The Well of Wonders (221)
  • Chapter 13 The Wastelands (231)
  • Chapter 14 Wounds and Scars (247)
  • Chapter 15 Rabbits in a Snare (255)
  • Chapter 16 Whispers in the Dark (277)
  • Chapter 17 The Priest-Hunter's Tale (285)
  • Chapter 18 Movements Underground (299)
  • Chapter 19 Friends in Need (315)
  • Chapter 20 The First World (329)
  • Chapter 21 In the House of Death (351)
  • Epilogue (373)
  • About the Author (377)
  • Acknowledgements (379)
  • Glossary (381)


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