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Amber E. Scott

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Amber E. Scott
Amber Scott

Redwater, Alberta, Canada
Freelance contributor
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Amber E. Scott, sometimes credited as Amber Scott, is a freelance writer whose work includes contributions to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, Pathfinder Adventure Path, and Pathfinder's Journal, the 2006 Eberron supplement Secrets of Xen'drik published by Wizards of the Coast, and articles for Dragon.1

With The Worldwound Incursion, Amber became the first woman with a cover credit on a Pathfinder Adventure Path module.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
People of the Road"People of the Road" 0803 March 2008 Edge of Anarchy, 62.
Celwynvian"Celwynvian" 0811 November 2008 The Armageddon Echo, 48.
Tieflings of Golarion"Tieflings of Golarion" 0908 August 2009 The Bastards of Erebus, 60.
Worldwound Incursion, TheThe Worldwound Incursion 1308 August 2013 Wrath of the Righteous #1. Also wrote "Kenabres Before the Fall" for this volume.
Secrets of the Sphinx 1406 June 2014 Mummy's Mask #3
Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Vadoma Gall"Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Vadoma Gall" 1512 December 2015 A Song of Silver, 102.
Breaking the Bones of Hell 1607 July 2016 Hell's Rebels #6
Trail of the Hunted 1703 March 2017 Ironfang Invasion #1. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
City in the Deep 1711 November 2017 Ruins of Azlant #4. Also wrote "Talasantri Gazetteer," "Ecology of the Merfolk," and contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
The Six-Legend Soul 1808 August 2018 War for the Crown #6
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Second Darkness Player's Guide 0808 August 2008
Campaign Setting 0808 August 2008
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0904 April 2009
Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh 0904 April 2009 Cover credit
Council of Thieves Player's Guide 0908 August 2009
Cheliax, Empire of Devils 0908 August 2009
NPC Guide 1003 March 2010
Classic Treasures Revisited 1004 April 2010
GameMastery Guide 1006 June 2010
Heart of the Jungle 1006 June 2010 Cover credit
Halflings of Golarion 1101 January 2011
Inner Sea World Guide, TheThe Inner Sea World Guide 1103 March 2011
Rival Guide 1105 May 2011
Humans of Golarion 1106 June 2011
Pirates of the Inner Sea 1202 February 2012
Blood of Angels 1207 July 2012
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends 1208 August 2012
Mystery Monsters Revisited 1212 December 2012
Chronicle of the Righteous 1303 March 2013
Mythic Adventures 1308 August 2013
Inner Sea Gods 1404 April 2014
Lands of Conflict 1702 February 2017 Cover credit
Aquatic Adventures 1706 June 2017 Cover credit
Blood of the Sea 1707 July 2017
Plane-Hopper's Handbook 1809 September 2018
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Thin Air"Thin Air" 0805 May 2008 Escape from Old Korvosa, 72. The Compass Stone #9
Darkest Before the Fall"Darkest Before the Fall" 0810 October 2008 Children of the Void, 72. The Compass Stone #14
Thousand Miles to Absalom, A"A Thousand Miles to Absalom" 0901 January 2009 A Memory of Darkness, 72. The Compass Stone #17
Ripples in the Fen"Ripples in the Fen" 1009 September 2010 The Swamp Warden, Part 1. Link
Fear the Scaled Ones"Fear the Scaled Ones" 1009 September 2010 The Swamp Warden, Part 2. Link
Watcher Watched, The"The Watcher Watched" 1109 September 2011 The Seventh Execution, Part 1. Link
Faithful False, The"The Faithful False" 1109 September 2011 The Seventh Execution, Part 2. Link
Fettered Freed, The"The Fettered Freed" 1109 September 2011 The Seventh Execution, Part 3. Link
Hot Night at the Tooth and Hookah, A"A Hot Night at the Tooth and Hookah" 1403 March 2014 The Half-Dead City, 72. Shadow of the Sands #1
Sleeping with the Dead"Sleeping with the Dead" 1404 April 2014 Empty Graves, 76. Shadow of the Sands #2
Trouble in Tephu"Trouble in Tephu" 1405 May 2014 Shifting Sands, 74. Shadow of the Sands #3
In the Belly of the Crocodile"In the Belly of the Crocodile" 1406 June 2014 Secrets of the Sphinx, 76. Shadow of the Sands #4
Seeing Different Horizons"Seeing Different Horizons" 1407 July 2014 The Slave Trenches of Hakotep, 76. Shadow of the Sands #5
Pharaoh's Tomb, The"The Pharaoh's Tomb" 1407 July 2014 Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh, 74. Shadow of the Sands #6
Safehouse, The"The Safehouse" 1408 August 2014 Fires of Creation, 74. Whispers in the Wastelands #1
Unearthed Treasures"Unearthed Treasures" 1409 September 2014 Lords of Rust (adventure), 76. Whispers in the Wastelands #2
Road Home, The"The Road Home" 1410 October 2014 The Choking Tower, 76. Whispers in the Wastelands #3
Homecoming"Homecoming" 1411 November 2014 Valley of the Brain Collectors, 76. Whispers in the Wastelands #4
Robot Thief, The"The Robot Thief" 1412 December 2014 Palace of Fallen Stars (adventure), 76. Whispers in the Wastelands #5
Signal in the Ship, The"The Signal in the Ship" 1401 January 2014 The Divinity Drive, 74. Whispers in the Wastelands #6
The Path"The Path" 2005 May 2020 Curse of the Crimson Throne. Tie in to pocket edition release. Link
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