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Valley of the Brain Collectors

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #88:
Valley of the Brain Collectors
Cover of "Valley of the Brain Collectors"

Mike Shel et al.
Print: $22.99
PDF: $19.99
November 24, 2014
Adventure Path issue
96 pages
ISBN 978-1-60125-704-8
Rules set

Valley of the Brain Collectors, an adventure by Mike Shel with supporting articles by Mike Shel and David Schwartz and fiction by Amber E. Scott, was released on November 24, 2014.

After unearthing clues pointing them toward the legacy of a mysterious prophet, the heroes of Numeria must brave a remote canyon known as the Scar of the Spider, where they hope to uncover ancient knowledge to aid them in defeating the sinister Iron God of the Silver Mount. But the heroes aren't the first visitors to the distant valley—alien monstrosities from the darkest reaches of space have colonized the canyon, and hold their own horrific agendas. Can the heroes escape with their brains intact, or will they become the latest additions to a sinister, otherworldly collection?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Iron Gods Adventure Path and includes:

  • "Valley of the Brain Collectors," a Pathfinder adventure for 10th-level characters, by Mike Shel.
  • A treatise on the galaxy-spanning horrors known as the Dominion of the Black, by Mike Shel.
  • A study of the technology used by four alien cultures, by David Schwartz.
  • A hero's solemn return home in the Pathfinder's Journal, by Amber E. Scott.
  • Four horrendous new monsters, by Mike Shel.


Foreword: "Divining Divinity" by James Jacobs (4)

Paizo Inc. Creative Director James Jacobs provides advice for running the sandbox elements of this adventure and handling players who use divination magic to guide the way.

Valley of the Brain Collectors (6)

The PCs must track down what remains of Cassandalee, an android oracle hidden in the Scar of the Spider behind the weird forces of the Dominion of the Black.

NPC Gallery by Mike Shel (56)

Iron Gods Treasures by Mike Shel (62)

Dominion of the Black (64) by Mike Shel

A summary of what little is known—or knowable—about the distant alien Dominion of the Black.

Alien Technology (70) by David Schwartz

"Homecoming" (Whispers in the Wastelands 4 of 6) by Amber E. Scott (76)

Sidek and Eirian follow Tryg across the wastelands and make a detour to Sidek's hometown.

Bestiary (82) by Mike Shel

Preview (92)

Previews of articles from Palace of Fallen Stars, the next installment of the Iron Gods Adventure Path.

Adventure summary