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Thomas M. Reid

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Thomas M. Reid

Arlington, Texas

Thomas M. Reid (born December 23, 1966 in Fort Collins, Colorado) is an author and game designer who grew up in Arlington, Texas. Reid attended the University of Houston, where he minored in Creative Writing. Subsequently, he got a job at Wizards of the Coast writing AD&D books. During his tenure there, he wrote many AD&D novels. After Wizards was bought out by Hasbro, Reid resigned and moved back to Texas along with his wife and three children, where he continues his creative writing vocation.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Notes
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
Pathfinder Unchained 1504 April 2015
Occult Adventures 1507 July 2015
Occult Realms 1511 November 2015
Ultimate Intrigue 1603 March 2016
Villain Codex 1611 November 2016
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