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Robert G. McCreary
Rob McCreary
Position Assistant Editor (2009–2010)
Developer (2010–2013)
Senior Developer (2013–2017)
Creative Director (2017–2021)
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Robert G. McCreary was born in Japan and raised in the United States. He started gaming when the red Basic D&D boxed set came out. Until October 2009, Rob lived in Prague, Czech Republic, where he taught English by day and freelanced by night. Rob made it to the Top 4 in the RPG Superstar 2008 competition with a combination of coin belts, ziggurat-filled jungles, and monkey-goblins. As a freelancer, he contributed to the Campaign Setting, several Pathfinder Bestiaries, and Dungeon Denizens Revisited. Rob's first cover credit was the final installment of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, The Final Wish.

In October 2009, Paizo hired Rob as an Assistant Editor and began in November of that year. In 2017, Rob became a founding member of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. development team and the first author in the Starfinder Adventure Path Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. line, with the Dead Suns Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. adventure Incident at Absalom Station Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki..

Pathfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 14"Bestiary" #14 0810 October 2008 Children of the Void, 78.
Bestiary 15"Bestiary" #15 0811 November 2008 The Armageddon Echo, 80.
Bestiary 20"Bestiary" #20 0904 April 2009 House of the Beast, 78.
Final Wish, TheThe Final Wish 0908 August 2009 Legacy of Fire #6
Voice in the Void 0910 October 2009 PFS 1e #00-35
Rivers Run Red 1004 April 2010 Kingmaker #2. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Master of the Fallen Fortress 1006 June 2010 Free RPG Day
City of Seven Spears 1011 November 2010 Serpent's Skull #3. Also cowrote "Expedition to Saventh-Yhi" for this volume.
Godsmouth Heresy, TheThe Godsmouth Heresy 1012 December 2010
Ydersius"Ydersius" 1102 February 2011 Sanctum of the Serpent God, 66.
Bestiary 42"Bestiary" #42 1102 February 2011 Sanctum of the Serpent God, 78.
Bestiary 44"Bestiary" #44 1104 April 2011 Trial of the Beast, 82.
Bestiary 43"Bestiary" #43 1105 May 2011 Broken Moon, 82.
Runelords of Thassilon"Runelords of Thassilon" 1301 January 2013 The Dead Heart of Xin, 82.
Heldren"Heldren" 1302 February 2013 The Snows of Summer, 62.
Waldsby"Waldsby" 1302 February 2013 The Snows of Summer, 66.
Reign of Winter Toolkit"Reign of Winter Toolkit" 1302 February 2013 The Snows of Summer, 70.
Continuing the Campaign 72"Continuing the Campaign" #72 1307 July 2013 The Witch Queen's Revenge, 64.
Gods of Ancient Osirion"Gods of Ancient Osirion" 1404 April 2014 Empty Graves, 64.
Risen from the Sands 1406 June 2014 Free RPG Day
Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Ikiko"Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Ikiko" 1512 December 2015 A Song of Silver, 94.
Glorious Reclamation, The"The Glorious Reclamation" 1602 February 2016 The Hellfire Compact, 68.
Meet the Villain: Linxia Benzekri"Meet the Villain: Linxia Benzekri" 1603 March 2016 Wrath of Thrune, 62.
Meet the Villain: Nyctessa"Meet the Villain: Nyctessa" 1608 August 2016 Hell Comes to Westcrown, 62.
Developer Showcase: Thalestris Mytilinos"Developer Showcase: Thalestris Mytilinos" 1908 August 2019 Midwives to Death, 64.
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Campaign Setting 0808 August 2008
Dungeon Denizens Revisited 0905 May 2009
Bestiary 0910 October 2009
Cities of Golarion 0911 November 2009 Cover credit
Classic Horrors Revisited 1001 January 2010 Cover credit
NPC Guide 1003 March 2010
GameMastery Guide 1006 June 2010
Orcs of Golarion 1008 August 2010
Advanced Player's Guide 1008 August 2010
Misfit Monsters Redeemed 1011 November 2010 Cover credit
Bestiary 2 1012 December 2010
Inner Sea World Guide, TheThe Inner Sea World Guide 1103 March 2011
Ultimate Magic 1104 April 2011
Lands of the Linnorm Kings 1110 October 2011 Cover credit
Dragon Empires Gazetteer 1112 December 2011 Cover credit
Bestiary 3 1112 December 2011
Skull & Shackles Player's Guide 1204 April 2012
Inner Sea Bestiary 1211 November 2012
NPC Codex 1211 November 2012
People of the North 1301 January 2013
Bestiary 4 1310 October 2013
Inner Sea NPC Codex 1312 December 2013
People of the Sands 1401 January 2014
Mummy's Mask Player's Guide 1403 March 2014
Giantslayer Player's Guide 1501 January 2015
Inner Sea Races 1509 September 2015
Distant Shores 1510 October 2015
Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide 1602 February 2016
Ultimate Intrigue 1603 March 2016
Bestiary 1910 October 2019
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Linxia Benzekri"Linxia Benzekri" 1512 December 2015 Meet the Villains. Link
Nyctessa"Nyctessa" 1605 May 2016 Meet the Villains. Link
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