Rachael Cruz

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Rachael Cruz
Homepage Witchwater
Position Freelancer
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Rachael Cruz is an award-winning freelance RPG writer and designer, working for example in the Conan and Star Trek RPG worlds, as well as writing short fiction for Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder Credits

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Dying Wish, The"The Dying Wish" 2009 September 2020 Tales of Lost Omens. Link
First of Many, The"The First of Many" 2102 February 2021 Tales of Lost Omens. Link
Promised Price, The"The Promised Price" 2107 July 2021 Tales of Lost Omens. Link
Eiwa's Lesson"Eiwa's Lesson" 2201 January 2022 Quest for the Frozen Flame, tie-in fiction. Link
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