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The Divinity Drive

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #90: The Divinity Drive
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January 28, 2015
This article is about the Iron Gods Adventure Path issue titled "The Divinity Drive". For information about the technological artifact, see Divinity Drive.

The Divinity Drive, an adventure by Crystal Frasier with supporting articles by Adam Daigle, James Jacobs, Greg A. Vaughan, Thurston Hillman, and Will McCardell and fiction by Amber E. Scott, was released on January 28, 2015. It is the sixth and final chapter in the Iron Gods Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Into the Mind of a GodSilver Mount has long beckoned explorers and adventurers from across the Inner Sea with its promise of otherworldly treasures, but more than riches waits within this towering ruin's alien chambers. Here, the greatest of the Iron Gods dwells, inexorably drawing its plans against the world of flesh and preparing for its final triumphant emergence. With the brutish rulership of Starfall cowed, the time is right for the PCs to mount the most extensive and dangerous expedition ever made into Silver Mount's mysterious interior. What strange perils from beyond the stars await the heroes in one of Golarion's most legendary dungeons, and what insidious traps has the Iron God set for them within those metal walls?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path concludes the Iron Gods Adventure Path and includes:


p. 4

Paizo Inc. Creative Director James Jacobs gives tips about giving robots their own personality, provides more random effects to produce when curious PCs hit too many buttons, and reveals the origins and current state of distant Androffa.

The Divinity Drive
p. 6

The PCs enter the mysterious Silver Mount on their quest to stop Unity in its quest to conquer Golarion, encountering Unity's alien servants and even entering a virtual reality.

NPC Gallery
p. 56
Iron Gods Treasures
p. 60
Continuing the Campaign
p. 64

GMs and PCs can pursue new goals and challenges after defeating—or failing to defeat—Unity, from dealing with the fallout in Numeria to establishing a new Iron God. A gazetteer and detailed map of the Divinity provide further adventuring opportunities within the Silver Mount, and a new alien ruin known as Crowhollow hides horrific cyborg undead.

Ecology of the Robot
p. 68

What differentiates true robots from constructs? How are they designed and created? This section covers robots' roles and abilities in Golarion and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, provides new robot augmentations, and lists all robots mentioned to date.

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Adventure summary