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Wendy N. Wagner

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Wendy N. Wagner

Portland, Oregon
Managing/Associate Editor; Freelance author
Lightspeed Magazine, Nightmare Magazine

Wendy N. Wagner writes both poetry and short fiction.1 She is the author of the Pathfinder Tales novels Skinwalkers and Starspawn as well as the web fiction stories "Mother Bears" and "Winter's Wolves," all starring Jendara Eriksdottir. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Armored and The Way of the Wizard, and in many online magazines. Wendy lives with her family in Portland, Oregon, where she also teaches writing for youth and is an avid gardener and board gamer.2

Wendy is also the managing editor of Lightspeed Magazine. The magazine won the Hugo Award for best Semiprozine in 2015.3


Wendy N. Wagner discussed Skinwalkers, her web fiction "Mother Bears", and the creation of the stories' heroine Jendara Eriksdottir on the Paizo Blog in February 2014.

Another interview with the author about Skinwalkers from May 2014 is documented at the Grassy Knoll web site.

Pathfinder Credits

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Waking the Bear"Waking the Bear" 1204 April 2012 Mother Bears, Part 1. Link
Ill Tide"Ill Tide" 1204 April 2012 Mother Bears, Part 2. Link
Fires by Day"Fires by Day" 1204 April 2012 Mother Bears, Part 3. Link
Skinwalkers 1403 March 2014
Mud, Ice, and Blood"Mud, Ice, and Blood" 1403 March 2014 Winter's Wolves, Part 1. Link
Message in Blood"Message in Blood" 1403 March 2014 Winter's Wolves, Part 2. Link
Up the Mountain"Up the Mountain" 1403 March 2014 Winter's Wolves, Part 3. Link
Clouded Judgement"Clouded Judgement" 1507 July 2015 Anvil of Fire, 74. Tall Tales #5
Starspawn 1608 August 2016
Tower in Darkness, The"The Tower in Darkness" 1611 November 2016 Dreams of the Yellow King, 74.
Pulse of Evil, A"A Pulse of Evil" 2006 June 2020 Iconic Encounters. Link
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