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Liz Courts

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Liz Courts
Liz Courts

Bend, OR
Customer Service Representative (2010–2011)
Webstore Specialist (2011–2015)
Community Manager (2015–2016)
Freelancer (2016–)

Liz Courts was the Paizo website community and store manager, and has long been an active member of the internet RPG community, best known as Lilith on the Paizo messageboards. A member of the illustrious Werecabbages collective, Liz has written a number of gaming products, generally game aids and GM tools including Goodman Games's GM Gems and PC Pearls.1 She serves as webmistress of the Werecabbages site, her own PF Tools, and the unofficial Paizo chatroom. She is also a co-founder of the Wayfinder fanzine and PaizoCon, and author of the "Meet the Iconics" article for Pathfinder's iconic ninja, Reiko.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Infestation"Infestation" 0901 January 2009 Descent into Midnight, 64.
Port Peril"Port Peril" 1206 June 2012 Tempest Rising, 60.
Sailing the Sellen River"Sailing the Sellen River" 1611 November 2016 Dreams of the Yellow King, 62.
Bestiary 117"Bestiary" #117 1704 April 2017 Assault on Longshadow, 78.
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Core Rulebook 0908 August 2009
Inner Sea Temples 1611 November 2016
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Reiko"Reiko" 1108 August 2011 Meet the Iconics. Link
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