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Adrian Ng

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Adrian Ng

Redmond, Washington, United States
Editor (2017–2019)
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Adrian Ng was an editor and writer for Paizo Inc. from February 2017 to November 2019 who has continued to contribute as a freelancer.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 127"Bestiary" #127 1802 February 2018 Crownfall, 80.
Debt to the Quah 1902 February 2019 PFS 1e #10-14
Escaping the Grave 1908 August 2019 PFS 2e #01-03
Mountain of Sea and Sky 2008 August 2020 PFS 2e #02-02
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Antihero's Handbook 1709 September 2017
Blood of the Coven 1710 October 2017
Merchant's Manifest 1803 March 2018
Heroes from the Fringe 1808 August 2018
Plane-Hopper's Handbook 1809 September 2018
Construct Handbook 1811 November 2018
See also: Category:Works by Adrian Ng

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