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Larry Wilhelm

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Larry Wilhelm
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Larry Wilhelm hails from the frozen Canadian Tundra. He started gaming when the red box came out, and never turned back. Larry currently lives in Edmonton, Canada where he battles the mythic Yeti. He works as a Registered Nurse, and has another degree in Physical Education, together he uses these parchments to champion the cause of health promotion. He is married, has no kids, and is controlled by the best cat in the world.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Fingerprints of the Fiend 0905 May 2009 PFS OGL #00-22
No Plunder, No Pay 0912 December 2009 PFS 1e #00-38
Crypt of Fools 1001 January 2010 PFS 1e #00-41
Rules of the Swift, TheThe Rules of the Swift 1004 April 2010 PFS 1e #00-48
Shadows Fall on Absalom 1008 August 2010 PFS 1e #02-04
Fury of the Fiend 1011 November 2010 PFS 1e #02-10
Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor, TheThe Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor 1103 March 2011 PFS 1e #02-18
Vision of Betrayal, AA Vision of Betrayal 1107 July 2011 PFS 1e Intro #3
Immortal Conundrum, TheThe Immortal Conundrum 1111 November 2011 PFS 1e #03-10
Storming the Diamond Gate 1207 July 2012 PFS 1e #03-25
Golemworks Incident, TheThe Golemworks Incident 1208 August 2012 PFS 1e #04-03
Secrets Stones Keep, TheThe Secrets Stones Keep 1307 July 2013 PFS 1e #04-25
Day of the Demon 1402 February 2014 PFS 1e #05-14
Fate of the Fiend 1403 March 2014 PFS 1e #05-17
Bestiary #82"Bestiary" #82 1410 October 2014 Lords of Rust, 82.
Bestiary #89"Bestiary" #89 1412 December 2014 Palace of Fallen Stars, 82.
Hill Giant's Pledge, TheThe Hill Giant's Pledge 1504 April 2015 Giantslayer #2. Also contributed to the Bestiary for the volume.
Karma Reclaimed 1510 October 2015 PFS 1e #07-08
Scourge of the Godclaw 1606 June 2016 Hell's Vengeance #5. Also contributed to the Bestiary for the volume.
What Sleeps in Stone 1701 January 2017 PFS 1e #08-13
Blighted Lands"Blighted Lands" 1706 June 2017 Prisoners of the Blight, 60.
Vault of the Onyx Citadel (adventure) 1707 July 2017 Ironfang Invasion #6. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Last Watch 1904 April 2019 Tyrant's Grasp #3. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Humans of Golarion 1106 June 2011
Pathfinder Society Field Guide 1107 July 2011 Cover credit
Undead Slayer's Handbook 1404 April 2014
Tombs of Golarion 1503 March 2015
Inner Sea Monster Codex 1506 June 2015
Inner Sea Temples 1610 October 2016
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