Jon Neimeister

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Jon Neimeister
Homepage ArtStation
Hometown United States
Position Freelance
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Jon Neimeister is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide 1308 August 2013 Cover art
Worldwound Incursion, TheThe Worldwound Incursion 1308 August 2013 Wrath of the Righteous #1
Sword of Valor 1309 September 2013 Wrath of the Righteous #2
Wardens of the Reborn Forge 1312 December 2013
Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth 1401 January 2014 Wrath of the Righteous #5
Half-Dead City, TheThe Half-Dead City 1403 March 2014 Mummy's Mask #1
Inner Sea Combat 1405 May 2014
Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars 1406 June 2014
Bestiary 5 1511 November 2015
Darklands Revisited 1602 February 2016
Inner Sea Faiths 1603 March 2016
Betrayal in the Bones 1807 July 2018 PFS 1e #09-25
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