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Nicolas Logue
Nicolas Logue
Hometown Buffalo, NY
Position Organized Play Coordinator (2008)
Freelance Contributor

Nicolas Logue has been a student of all things Asian for most of his life. Martial arts training led to philosophical pursuits and eventually historical research. He graduated from SUNY at Buffalo summa cum laude with two degrees; one in Theatre and one in Chinese Studies. At this time he had already spent one year in Beijing, China doing intensive language study and martial training. After graduation he returned to Beijing on a Fulbright grant to study Chinese Theatre (jingju) and martial arts. He stayed for two years traveling extensively in order to perform in northern and southern China. In 2002 he headed to Hawaii to pursue an M.F.A. in Asian Theatre and has since trained in Japanese Kyogen (comedic theatre) and Indonesian Randai and Silat.

Nicolas has been an avid roleplayer since he was ten years of age and has been published in Dungeon numerous times. He also wrote Voyage of the Golden Dragon an Eberron module published by Wizards of the Coast.[1]

March 2008 was a monumental month for Mr. Logue, who launched his own publishing company, Sinister Adventures[2] and took on the position of Organized Play Coordinator for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Society during the month.[3] His tenure at Paizo was not meant to last long, however, and in September 2008 Nick left the company to pursue a teaching position at East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex in England.[4] He continues to publish both under his Sinister Adventures line and freelance for Paizo and other RPG publishers.

Pathfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Crown of the Kobold King 0707 July 2007
Hook Mountain Massacre, TheThe Hook Mountain Massacre 0711 November 2007 Rise of the Runelords #3. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Hangman's Noose 0801 January 2008
Magic of Thassilon"Magic of Thassilon" 0801 January 2008 Sins of the Saviors, 56.
Edge of Anarchy 0803 March 2008 Curse of the Crimson Throne #1. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Red Mantis, The"The Red Mantis" 0805 May 2008 Escape from Old Korvosa, 66.
Revenge of the Kobold King 0806 June 2008 Free RPG Day
Mists of Mwangi 0810 October 2008 PFS OGL #00-04. Later updated to 1e.
Six Trials of Larazod, The"The Six Trials of Larazod" 0910 October 2009 The Sixfold Trial, 56.
Bestiary 78"Bestiary" #78 1402 February 2014 City of Locusts, 82.
Pleasure Gardens, The"The Pleasure Gardens" 1406 June 2014 The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, 119.
Lords of Rust 1410 October 2014 Iron Gods #2. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Feast of Dust 1511 November 2015
Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Gray Maiden Lieutenant Gatlynn Keidros"Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: Gray Maiden Lieutenant Gatlynn Keidros" 1511 November 2015 A Song of Silver, 78.
Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition 2209 September 2022
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Guide to Korvosa 0803 March 2008
Classic Monsters Revisited 0804 April 2008
Guide to Darkmoon Vale 0807 July 2008
Dungeon Denizens Revisited 0905 May 2009
Mythic Realms 1309 September 2013
Towns of the Inner Sea 1310 October 2013
Heroes of the Streets 1509 September 2015
See also: Category:Works by Nicolas Logue


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