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Brian Cortijo

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Brian Cortijo
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New York, NY

Brian Cortijo began his RPG design career with articles in Dragon and continued after their demise by contributing several monsters, spells, and magic items to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. In January 2009 he surprised many readers previously unfamiliar with his name and work with the conclusion to the Second Darkness adventure path, which he wrote in record time after the project's original author had to pull out of the commitment. Since then, Brian has become a steady contributor to the Pathfinder Adventure Path and Pathfinder Companion product lines. In addition to work for Paizo, Brian has also designed 4th Edition material for Goodman Games.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Magic of Thassilon"Magic of Thassilon" 0801 January 2008 Sins of the Saviors, 56.
Bestiary 9"Bestiary" #9 0905 May 2009 Escape from Old Korvosa, 78.
Descent into Midnight 0902 February 2009 Second Darkness #6
The Twice-Damned Prince 1003 March 2010 Council of Thieves #6
Spoils of Kings, The"The Spoils of Kings" 1006 June 2010 Blood for Blood, 64.
Academy of Secrets 1106 June 2011
Adventure Toolbox 170"Adventure Toolbox" #170 2109 September 2021 Spoken on the Song Wind, 74.
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0904 April 2009
Qadira, Gateway to the East 0906 June 2009
Bestiary 0910 October 2009
Classic Treasures Revisited 1004 April 2010
Rival Guide 1105 May 2011
Undead Revisited 1106 June 2011
Ultimate Equipment 1208 August 2012
See also: Category:Works by Brian Cortijo