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Mike Welham

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Mike Welham
Mike Welham

Freelance contributor
RPG Superstar 2012

Mike Welham won Paizo's annual RPG Superstar contest in 2012 when his adventure proposal for Doom Comes to Dustpawn was selected for publication in 2013. Prior to his winning of the contest, Mike had RPG design credits with such companies as Rite Publishing, Open Design, and Paizo.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 52"Bestiary" #52 1111 November 2011 Forest of Spirits, 80.
Bestiary 53"Bestiary" #53 1201 January 2012 Tide of Honor, 80.
Doom Comes to Dustpawn 1305 May 2013 RPG Superstar
Bestiary 85"Bestiary" #85 1408 August 2014 Fires of Creation, 80.
Bestiary 105"Bestiary" #105 1604 April 2016 The Inferno Gate, 80.
Bestiary 139"Bestiary" #139 1902 February 2019 The Dead Roads, 80.
Adventure Toolbox 159"Adventure Toolbox" #159 2009 September 2020 All or Nothing, 74.
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Merchant's Manifest 1803 March 2018
Kingmaker Adventure Path Bestiary (First Edition) 2210 October 2022
Kingmaker Companion Guide 2210 October 2022
See also: Category:Works by Mike Welham
Mike Welham
(RPG Superstar)