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Andrew White

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Andrew White

Website Team (2018–2021)
Front-End Engineering Lead (2021–Present)
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Andrew White is the front-end software engineering lead for Paizo Inc., and his games writing has also been published by the company. He also has played in some of Paizo's live-play streams1 and worked on the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. errata and FAQ page.2

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Adventure Toolbox 161"Adventure Toolbox" #161 2011 November 2020 Belly of the Black Whale, 76.
Pactbreaker 2404 April 2024 Wardens of Wildwood #1
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Advanced Player's Guide 2007 July 2020
Bestiary 3 2103 March 2021
Secrets of Magic 2109 September 2021
Guns & Gears 2110 October 2021
Book of the Dead 2203 March 2022
Treasure Vault 2302 February 2023
Highhelm 2306 June 2023
Rage of Elements 2308 August 2023
Player Core 2311 November 2023
Howl of the Wild 2405 May 2024
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Uncontrolled Demolition"Uncontrolled Demolition" 2110 October 2021 Tales of Lost Omens.
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