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Brian Campbell

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Brian Campbell

Lead Editor, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (2014-2015)

Brian Campbell was lead editor of the Paizo Inc. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and previously worked for Wizards of the Coast.1

Pathfinder credits

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Credits

Title Date Notes
On the Horizon 1410 October 2014 PACGS #00-00A story text
Lost at Sea 1410 October 2014 PACGS #00-01 story text
Pirate's Life, AA Pirate's Life 1411 November 2014 PACGS #00-02 story text
Treacherous Waters 1412 December 2014 PACGS #00-03 story text
Island of the Damned 1501 January 2015 PACGS #00-04 story text
Hurricane Weather 1504 April 2015 PACGS #00-06 story text
Demonic Politics 1506 June 2015 PACGS #01-00A story text
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