Ernanda Souza

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Ernanda Souza
Hometown Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Position Freelance
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Ernanda Souza is an illustrator whose works have been published by Paizo Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Rite Publishing, and Marvel.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
What the Helms Hide 1903 March 2019 PFS 1e #10-16
Who Wears the Mask 1906 June 2019 PFS 1e #10-22
Bandits of Immenwood 1909 September 2019 PFS 2e #01-04
Trailblazer's Bounty 1909 September 2019 PFS 2e #01-05
Devil at the Dreaming Palace 2007 July 2020 Agents of Edgewatch #1
Sixty Feet Under 2008 August 2020 Agents of Edgewatch #2
All or Nothing 2009 September 2020 Agents of Edgewatch #3
Troubles in Otari 2012 December 2020
Hands of the Devil 2102 February 2021 Abomination Vaults #2
Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Player's Guide 2103 March 2021
Sundered Waves 2103 March 2021
Despair on Danger Island 2107 July 2021 Fists of the Ruby Phoenix] #1
Malevolence 2107 July 2021
Head Shot the Rot 2110 October 2021 Cover art
Shadows of the Ancients 2203 March 2022 Strength of Thousands #6
See also: Category:Artwork by Ernanda Souza


See also: Category:Artwork by Ernanda Souza

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