Miroslav Petrov

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Miroslav Petrov
Homepage ArtStation
Hometown Bulgaria
Position Freelance
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Miroslav Petrov is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Ashes at Dawn 1107 July 2011 Carrion Crown #5
Brinewall Legacy, TheThe Brinewall Legacy 1108 August 2011 Jade Regent #1
On Hostile Waters 1112 December 2011 PFS 1e #03-11
Tide of Honor 1201 January 2012 Jade Regent #5
NPC Codex 1111 November 2011
Blood of the Night 1212 December 2012
Kobolds of Golarion 1306 June 2013
Bestiary 4 1310 October 2013
Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs 1401 January 2014
Mummy's Mask Player's Guide 1403 March 2014
Inner Sea Gods 1404 April 2014
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
Serpents' Ire 1605 May 2016 PFS 1e #07-98 Convention Special
Divine Anthology 1609 September 2016 Cover art
Who Speaks for the Ten 1908 August 2019 PFS 1e #10-23
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