Michele Esposito

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Michele Esposito
Homepage ArtStation
Hometown Casola di Napoli, Naples, Italy
Position Freelance
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Michele Esposito is a concept artist, illustrator, and sculptor whose works have been published by Paizo Inc., Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Greebo Games, Quality Games, and Mana Project Studio.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Core Rulebook 1908 August 2019
Bestiary 1908 August 2019
Character Guide 1910 October 2019
Port Peril Pub Crawl 1911 November 2019 PFS 2e Quest #4
Gamemastery Guide 2002 February 2020
Thorned Monarch, TheThe Thorned Monarch 2003 March 2020 PFS 2e #01-17
Broken Scales, TheThe Broken Scales 2005 May 2020 PFS 2e Quest #10
In Burning Dawn 2012 December 2020 PFS 2e #02-10
Bestiary 3 2103 March 2021
See also: Category:Artwork by Michele Esposito


See also: Category:Artwork by Michele Esposito

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