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Rival Guide
Rival Guide.jpg
Author(s) Brian Cortijo et al.
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $19.99
PDF: $15.99
Released May 2011
Type Sourcebook
Binding Paperback
Pages 64 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-302-6
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Follows Rule of Fear
Precedes Undead Revisited
Artwork from Rival Guide

The Rival Guide is a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by Brian Cortijo, Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock, Brandon Hodge, Colin McComb, Jason Nelson, Amber Scott, Neil Spicer, and Amber Stewart, that was released in May 2011.

The Rival Guide' presents 10 fully detailed rival adventuring groups, complete with specialized spells, equipment, magic items, and unusual minions. These groups cover a wide range of themes, from haunted pirates to drow death cultists, monstrous slavers to nigh-unstoppable arch-villains, and much, much more!

Inside this 64-page book, you'll find:

  • Full stat blocks for 40 different NPCs, ranging from relatively minor foes at CR 2 to world-shaking menaces at CR 19. Use these as rival adventuring parties, or split them up when you need specific NPCs or even last-minute player characters.
  • Background information on each group discussing its history and goals, as well as on how to incorporate its members into your game as rivals for your PCs to clash against.
  • Several new alchemical items, feats, magic items, poisons, racial traits, and spells, along with a new template for characters haunted by ancient, sinister spirits and a simple template for alchemically invisible creatures.
  • The Rival Guide is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy game setting.


The 10 adventuring groups presented in this volume are:

Argentate Blades
A competent band of adventurers often contracting as bounty hunters or mercenaries currently working in Brevoy.
Members: Dulci Bardwith · Estella Cheriford · Exander Runthorn · Tatius Cheriford
Children of Steel
Infamous and ruthless mercenaries known to work across the Inner Sea region and beyond.
Members: Derrak Stoneskull · Echean Ansolandi · Inaris Jerveel · Wotywina Turncoin
Dust Coven
A Darklands-based adventuring group led by an annis hag witch.
Members: Mizzinastre Vexidyre · Vhalhisstre Vexidyre · Xeyog Vexidyre · Zelfane Vexidyre
Hands of Slaughter
A central Garund-based adventuring group led by an agent of the Aspis Consortium.
Members: Aliciette Cardoso · Azygos Qurashi · Isai Odighuzua · Yrure'tugala
Hellblood Corsairs
Ruthless pirates of the seas off western Garund and explorers of the lost nation of Ghol-Gan.
Members: Belia of Zadoth · Molatunde Navoon · Ozrin Casault · Shavaran
Kodar Kneecappers
A Harse-based organization dedicated to avenging the deaths of anyone killed by giants.
Members: Marnay Zyrvana · Matrena Goldthorpe · Phethean Klexius · Thortona Fjortoft
Marrow Reavers
A Katapesh-based adventuring group led by a gnoll.
Members: Azrikalis · Lamya Nilawi · Najak · Narim Al-Rhad
Night Harrows
A travelling adventuring group, and secret cell of Whispering Way cultists.
Members: Adgrif Yoderbie · Mierela Tsilda · Nuetetia Irsinoe · Vesnic Demicci
Poisoned Lodge
An adventuring group, located in the Coins District of Absalom, who claim to be members of the Pathfinder Society.
Members: Areen Mardessen · Ish Torovan · Mattie Red · Sussessa Amakye
Queen's Hands
An investigative adventuring group loyal to Queen Abrogail II of Cheliax.
Members: Anya Jeggare · Lerwynn Skathos · Victus Carrazinion · Wil Telaxxis