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Mike Ferguson

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Mike Ferguson


Mike Ferguson is a freelance author with numerous credits to his name. Primarily writing for Goodman Games for their Dungeon Crawl Classics line, Mike has also contributed to Pathfinder, Dragon, and Tricky Owlbear's Behind the Monsters series. Mike is a native of New Jersey and an alumnus of Notre Dame, but he is not the member of Congress who coincidentally shares his name, home state and alma mater.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 17"Bestiary" #17 0812 December 2008 A Memory of Darkness, 80.
Bestiary 25"Bestiary" #25 0908 August 2009 The Bastards of Erebus, 74.
Pitax"Pitax" 1007 July 2010 War of the River Kings, 60.
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 0910 October 2009
Pitax"Pitax" 10XX Februray 2010 Guide to the River Kingdoms, 38.
Ultimate Equipment 1208 August 2012
See also: Category:Works by Mike Ferguson