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Calder CaDavid

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Calder CaDavid

Los Angeles, California, USA

Calder CaDavid is a freelance writer and developer whose works have been published by Paizo Inc. and Dungeon in a Box. He is also host and GM of the RPG podcast Mythos Manual.12

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
What the Helms Hide 1903 March 2019 PFS 1e #10-16
Doom of Cassomir 2006 June 2020 PFS 2e #01-22
See also: Category:Works by Calder CaDavid

Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Chronicle of Legends 1905 May 2019
Gods and MagicGods & Magic 2001 January 2020
Legends 2007 July 2020
Ancestry Guide 2102 February 2021
Player Core 2311 November 2023
See also: Category:Works by Calder CaDavid


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