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Kyle Hunter

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Kyle Hunter

Art Director (2002-2004; 2020 - present)
Paizo Inc.
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Kyle Stanley Hunter is an American art director and comic book artist. His art direction credits include Polyhedron, Dragon, and Dungeon magazines, as well as Star Wars Gamer and Undefeated. Kyle is also noted for his prematurely canceled science fiction comic book Swerve, numerous illustrations in Dungeon and Dragon magazines, and a two-page Dungeons & Dragons-based comic in Polyhedron and later Dungeon called Downer (which was collected into two comic book volumes in 2007 and is being sold via Paizo Publishing, LLC). Kyle Stanley Hunter is also an infrequent poster on the Paizo message boards.1

Hunter rejoined Paizo Inc. in late 2020 as an art director.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Burnt Offerings 0708 August 2007 Rise of the Runelords #1
Skinsaw Murders, TheThe Skinsaw Murders 0710 October 2007 Rise of the Runelords #2
Hook Mountain Massacre, TheThe Hook Mountain Massacre 0711 November 2007 Rise of the Runelords #3
Fortress of the Stone Giants 0712 December 2007 Rise of the Runelords #4
Sins of the Saviors 0801 January 2008 Rise of the Runelords #5
Spires of Xin-Shalast 0802 February 2008 Rise of the Runelords #6
Harrow Deck 0802 February 2008
Edge of Anarchy 0803 March 2008 Curse of the Crimson Throne #1
GameMastery Guide 1006 June 2010
Carrion Crown Player's Guide 1102 February 2011
Harrowing, TheThe Harrowing 1107 July 2011
Goblins! 4 1311 November 2013 Cover art (Paizo exclusive)
Deluxe Harrow Deck 1405 May 2014
Harrow Handbook, TheThe Harrow Handbook 1405 May 2014
Goblins! 1410 October 2014
Curse of the Crimson Throne 1610 October 2016
Planar Adventures 1806 June 2018
Fortress of Ruin 1910 October 2019 PACS #06-03
Tyrant of the Harrow 2008 August 2020 PACS #06-99
Last Night at Everstand, TheThe Last Night at Everstand 2105 May 2021 PACS #07-95
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See also: Category:Artwork by Kyle Hunter


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