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Grady Wang

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Grady Wang


Grady Wang is a freelance writer who has contributed to Paizo Inc. Grady is a gold Ennie-winning writer and Infinite Master whose work is in the Tian Xia World Guide and Tian Xia Character Guide, as well as the Season of Ghosts adventure path. He is also a contributing author to the Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange & Unusual from Roll for Combat. Grady runs The Gallant Goblin along with his partner, Theo Thourson, which reviews TTRPG products on YouTube and publishes 3rd party supplements, including the Queerfinder in-world–themed travel magazine series on Pathfinder Infinite. The Gallant Goblin also produces Love & Hate in the Mana Wastes, an actual play based on the Outlaws of Alkenstar adventure path featuring a cast of professional improv comedians and actors.

Pathfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Additional ArticlesAdditional Articles 2311 November 2023 Let the Leaves Fall. Season of Ghosts #2
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Sourcebook Credits

Wang is a contributor to the upcoming Tian Xia Pathfinder Lost Omens books.1