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Legacy of Fire Player's Guide

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Legacy of Fire Player's Guide
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32 pages
Rule set
D&D 3.5
March 2009

Legacy of Fire Player's Guide, a Pathfinder Companion for the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path by Brian Cortijo, Stephen S. Greer, James Jacobs, Jonathan H. Keith, F. Wesley Schneider, Amber E. Scott, and James L. Sutter, was released in March 2009.

Everything Has a PriceDo what you will, but do not interfere with trade. This is the only law of Katapesh. Under the guidance of the mysterious and alien Pactmasters, this simple rule has allowed Katapesh to become one of the wealthiest nations of the Inner Sea region, where goods, services, and creatures of all kinds are available for the right price. As the location of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, Katapesh is a wild land of danger and temptation, home to scheming merchants and bestial gnoll slavers—a perfect place for bold adventurers to prove themselves.

The information contained within these pages gives players the edge they need to survive in this harsh country of sand and magic, from new rules and details on making campaign-specific characters to background information no adventurer should be without. Even those not playing the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path can indulge in new feats, new magic items, and fully-fleshed NPCs perfect for any game. Come in out of the sun and see what the bazaars of Katapesh have in store.

Inside this Pathfinder Companion, you'll find:

  • Details, roles, and rules for every character race and class, all specifically tied to Pathfinder's Legacy of Fire Adventure Path but usable in any campaign!
  • A gazetteer of the mercantile desert nation of Katapesh, including everything you need to know about its capital, government, notable locations, and strange marketplaces!
  • Tips on adventuring and surviving in the merciless desert!
  • Character traits and special features designed to draw players in and grant them additional benefits for roleplaying!
  • New magic items, new feats, new weapons, and more!


Adventures in Katapesh

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Braving the Desert

p. 18

Combat: Exotic Arms

p. 22

Faith: Religions of Katapesh

p. 24

Magic: Wasteland Survival

p. 26

Social: Achievement Feats

p. 28

Persona: Lucky Farouq

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