Subroto Bhaumik

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Subroto Bhaumik
Homepage Art of Subroto
Hometown Montreal, Canada
Position Freelance artist
Artwork by Subroto Bhaumik
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Subroto Bhaumik is a freelance illustrator and concept artist whose clients include Paizo Inc., Kobold Press, and Alderac Entertainment Group.[1]

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
Monster Codex 1410 October 2014
Tombs of Golarion 1503 March 2015
Occult Adventures 1507 July 2015
Bestiary 5 1511 November 2015
Occult Realms 1511 November 2015
Ultimate Intrigue 1603 March 2016
Dreams of the Yellow King 1611 November 2016 Strange Aeons #3
Villain Codex 1611 November 2016
Whisper Out of Time, TheThe Whisper Out of Time 1612 December 2016 Strange Aeons #4
Salvation of the Sages 1710 October 2017 PFS 1e #09-07
See also: Category:Artwork by Subroto Bhaumik


See also: Category:Artwork by Subroto Bhaumik


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