Mikaël Léger

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Mikaël Léger
Mikael Leger.jpg
Homepage https://mika.artstation.com/
Born Reims, France
Position Artist
Company Freelance
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Mikaël Léger is a freelance artist from Reims, France.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Skull & Shackles Player's Guide 1204 April 2012
Wormwood Mutiny, TheThe Wormwood Mutiny 1204 April 2012 Skull & Shackles #1
Raiders of the Fever Sea 1205 May 2012 Skull & Shackles #2
Advanced Class Guide 1408 August 2014
Lost at Sea 1410 October 2014 PACGS #00-01
Pirate's Life, AA Pirate's Life 1411 November 2014 PACGS #00-02
Ultimate Intrigue 1603 March 2016
The Inferno Gate 1604 April 2016 Hell's Vengeance #3
In Search of Sanity 1608 August 2016 Strange Aeons #1
Thrushmoor Terror, TheThe Thrushmoor Terror 1609 September 2016 Strange Aeons #2
Dreams of the Yellow King 1611 November 2016 Strange Aeons #3
Whisper Out of Time, TheThe Whisper Out of Time 1612 December 2016 Strange Aeons #4
What Grows Within 1701 January 2017 Strange Aeons #5
Black Stars Beckon 1702 February 2017 Strange Aeons #6
Threads Unravel 1808 August 2018 PACGS #05-01
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See also: Category:Artwork by Mikaël Léger