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Hugh Matthews

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Hugh Matthews
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Liverpool, England

Hugh Matthews is the pen-name used by award-winning fantasy and suspense writer Matthew Hughes when working on tie-in fiction such as for the Pathfinder campaign setting. Hughes has made a living as a writer all of his adult life, first as a journalist, then as a staff speechwriter to the Canadian Ministers of Justice & Environment, and lastly as a freelance corporate and political speechwriter in British Columbia. Prior to his Pathfinder debut, Hughes's science-fiction novel Template was released under Paizo's Planet Stories brand in 2010.

The first piece of Pathfinder Tales fiction to bear Hugh Matthews's name appeared in spring 2012 in the form of the web fiction story "Krunzle the Quick", a tie-in to his debut Pathfinder novel, Song of the Serpent, which released in April of that year.

Pathfinder Credits

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Honest Travelers"Honest Travelers" 1202 February 2012 Krunzle the Quick, Part 1. [ Link}
Axe? Noose? Garrote?"Axe? Noose? Garrote?" 1203 March 2012 Krunzle the Quick, Part 2. [ Link}
Apprentice's Eye, The"The Apprentice's Eye" 1203 March 2012 Krunzle the Quick, Part 3. [ Link}
Caught"Caught" 1203 March 2012 Krunzle the Quick, Part 4. [ Link}
Diversion, A"A Diversion" 1203 March 2012 Krunzle the Quick, Part 5. [ Link}
Song of the Serpent 1204 April 2012
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