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Stephanie Lorée

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Stephanie Lorée

Freelance author

Stephanie Lorée is an author whose short stories have appeared in various anthologies and online publications, and in 2013, she was a finalist for Writers of the Future. She also works as a freelance editor.1

Pathfinder Credits

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Wine Like Blood, Blood Like Water"Wine Like Blood, Blood Like Water" 1409 September 2014 Armored, Part 1. Link
My Brothers, My Blade"My Brothers, My Blade" 1409 September 2014 Armored, Part 2. Link
There Lies the Gallows"There Lies the Gallows" 1409 September 2014 Armored, Part 3. Link
No Love Like Gold"No Love Like Gold" 1409 September 2014 Armored, Part 4. Link
Gods' Tithe, The"The Gods' Tithe" 1509 September 2015 In Hell's Bright Shadow, 74. Monsters Among Us #1
Thicker Than Blood"Thicker Than Blood" 1509 September 2015 Turn of the Torrent, 74. Monsters Among Us #2
To Steal from Thieves"To Steal from Thieves" 1510 October 2015 Dance of the Damned, 76. Monsters Among Us #3
Lies that Bind"Lies that Bind" 1511 November 2015 A Song of Silver, 108. Monsters Among Us #4
Monster Within, The"The Monster Within" 1601 January 2016 The Kintargo Contract, 74. Monsters Among Us #5
One Cost, One Cure"One Cost, One Cure" 1601 January 2016 Breaking the Bones of Hell, 76. Monsters Among Us #6
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