Fernanda Suarez

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Fernanda Suarez
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Hometown Santiago, Chile
Position Freelance

Fernanda Suarez is an illustrator and character designer whose works have been published by Paizo Inc., Plaid Hat Games, Bloomsbury Publishing, Simon & Schuster, and more.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Fabric of Reality, TheThe Fabric of Reality 1302 February 2013 PFS 1e #04-16
Tower of the Ironwood Watch 1303 March 2013 PFS 1e #04-17
Waking Rune, TheThe Waking Rune 1307 July 2013 PFS 1e #04-26
Mythic Origins 1309 September 2013
Blood of the Moon 1310 October 2013
Magical Marketplace 1312 December 2013
People of the Sands 1401 January 2014
Bastards of Golarion 1402 February 2014
Day of the Demon 1402 February 2014 PFS 1e #05-14
Undead Slayer's Handbook 1404 April 2014
Alchemy Manual 1404 April 2014
Harrow Handbook, TheThe Harrow Handbook 1405 May 2014
Blood of the Elements 1406 June 2014
Advanced Class Origins 1410 October 2014
Giant Hunter's Handbook 1412 December 2014
Giantslayer Player's Guide 1501 January 2015 Cover art
Familiar Folio 1501 January 2015
See also: Category:Artwork by Fernanda Suarez


See also: Category:Artwork by Fernanda Suarez

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