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Judy Bauer

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Judy Bauer

Editor (2010-2013)
Associate Editor (2014-2015)
Senior Editor (2015-2016)
Managing Editor (2016-2020)
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Judy Bauer was an editor and writer at Paizo Inc. from 2010 to 2020, serving as the Managing Editor from 2016 to 2020. Her editing work included every Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover from the GameMastery Guide onward, Adventure Paths since Kingmaker, Paizo Organized Play since Season 1, books in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion lines, Pathfinder Cards, and other Paizo products.

Pathfinder credits

Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Towns of the Inner Sea 1310 October 2013
Bastards of Golarion 1402 February 2014
Blood of the Elements 1406 June 2014
Lost Treasures 1412 December 2014
Heaven Unleashed 1604 April 2016
Legacy of the First World 1705 May 2017
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