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Eleanor Ferron
Position Developer (2018–2022)
Senior Developer (2022-present)
Company Paizo Inc.
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Eleanor Ferron is a developer for Paizo Inc. working on the Pathfinder Lost Omens setting guides line with Luis Loza. Prior that that, she was an artist and freelance contributor. Her works have been published by Paizo and Calico Games.[1]

Pathfinder credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Honor's Echo 1608 August 2016 PFS 1e Quest #5
Treacherous Waves 1704 April 2017 PFS 1e #08-19
Awakened From Time"Awakened From Time" 1801 January 2018 Beyond the Veiled Past, 76.
Rakshasa Threats"Rakshasa Threats" 1805 May 2018 City in the Lion's Eye, 68.
Oppara Gazetteer"Oppara Gazetteer" 1802 February 2018 Crownfall, 72.
Magic Pools"Magic Pools" 1810 October 2018 Runeplague, 76.
Developer Showcase: Soul of the Phoenix"Developer Showcase: Soul of the Phoenix" 1908 August 2019 Midwives to Death, 64.
Mosquito Witch, TheThe Mosquito Witch 1908 August 2019 PFS 2e #01-02
Cult of Cinders 1908 August 2019 Age of Ashes #2
Little Trouble in Big Absalom 2007 July 2020 Free RPG Day 2020
Grim Symphony 2007 July 2020 PFS 2e #01-25
Kindled Magic 2108 August 2021 Strength of Thousands #1
Teachers of the Magaambya"Teachers of the Magaambya" 2110 October 2021 Secrets of the Temple-City, 62.
With No Breath to Cry 2312 December 2023 Season of Ghosts #3
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Occult Bestiary 1509 September 2015
Planes of Power 1609 September 2016
Heroes of the Darklands 1704 April 2017
Elemental Master's Handbook 1708 August 2017
Blood of the Coven 1710 October 2017
Potions & Poisons 1712 December 2017
Inner Sea Taverns 1802 February 2018
Merchant's Manifest 1803 March 2018
Planar Adventures 1806 June 2018
Bestiary 1910 October 2019
Gamemastery Guide 2002 February 2020
Ancestry Guide 2102 February 2021
Secrets of Magic 2109 September 2021
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Be Kind to Strangers"Be Kind to Strangers" 2007 July 2020 Tales of Lost Omens. Link
Rebirth"Rebirth" 2007 July 2020 Tales of Lost Omens. Link
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