MuYoung Kim

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MuYoung Kim
Homepage ArtStation
Hometown United States
Position Freelance
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MuYoung Kim is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Pathfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
What Lies in Dust 0912 December 2009 Council of Thieves #3
Classic Horrors Revisited 1001 January 2010
Guide to the River Kingdoms 1002 February 2010
Faction Guide 1005 May 2010
War of the River Kings 1007 July 2010 Kingmaker #5
Inner Sea World Guide, TheThe Inner Sea World Guide 1103 March 2011
Beginner Box 1110 October 2011
Honor's Echo 1608 August 2016 PFS 1e Quest #5
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