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Alyssa McCarthy

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Alyssa McCarthy

Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, United States
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Alyssa McCarthy is an illustrator and concept artist whose works have been published by Paizo Inc. and Fantasy Flight Games.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Legacy of the First World 1705 May 2017
Blood of the Sea 1707 July 2017
Elemental Master's Handbook 1708 August 2017
Antihero's Handbook 1709 September 2017
Blood of the Coven 1710 October 2017
Disciple's Doctrine 1801 January 2018
Inner Sea Taverns 1802 February 2018
Merchant's Manifest 1803 March 2018
Blood of the Ancients 1805 May 2018
Heroes from the Fringe 1808 August 2018
Plane-Hopper's Handbook 1809 September 2018
Construct Handbook 1811 November 2018
Martial Arts Handbook 1811 November 2018
Concordance of Rivals 1904 April 2019
Chronicle of Legends 1905 May 2019
Druma, Profit and Prophecy 1908 August 2019
Ancestry Guide 2102 February 2021
See also: Category:Artwork by Alyssa McCarthy


See also: Category:Artwork by Alyssa McCarthy

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