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Type Humanoid
(aquatic, giant)
CR 4
Environment Fresh and salt water
Images of scrags

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 268

Scrags are amphibious trolls found in both salt and fresh water in any climate.[1][2]

Scrags are a distinct species from common trolls, more distantly related to their mountain troll forebears. Female scrags give birth to litters of two to six offspring. Scrag broods often include a mutant runt, an aruk-taii ("half-scrag") or flood troll, that is raised in its siblings' shadow or simply driven into the wild to fend for itself. The exception is when a brood includes a pair of twin runts, aruk-taikii, whom scrags view as an omen of storms and floods to come and are pampered by their mother.[3]

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