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Shardra Geltl, iconic dwarven shaman.
Region Any, particularly rural Varisia, Qadira, and the Five Kings Mountains, and among Kellid, Mwangi, and Shoanti tribes
Races Any
Iconic character Shardra Geltl
Images of shamans

Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). 35ff.
This article describes the shaman hybrid class. For the Mwangi philosophy of shamanism, please see shamanism.

Shamans deal in the spirits and energies that surround and infuse the world around them, forming powerful bonds with them and invoking them for their powers, often in the form of a spirit companion.[1]

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Shamans are common among many human tribes, who revere their connection to spirits, as well as in rural communities as healers and spiritual leaders.[2]

Other regions where shamans are esteemed include:


There are no known restrictions on the race of a shaman.


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