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A view of Pangolais' skyline.


Large city
11,000 Humans, 3,500 caligni, 2,400 fetchlings, 2,000 other
Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 25-32

Pangolais is the capital city of Nidal. Located deep within the Uskwood, the trees' heavy canopy makes even the brightest day nearly as dark as the blackest night in the softly glittering, city of shadows. Visitors to the city must seek permission to enter, and once inside must seek the services of a local guide. These guides come at great expense since visitors can easily become lost in the darkness of the city, and because it is illegal for outsiders to roam about unattended.1 Hidden worshipers of Desna and the rare diabolist also make their homes in Pangolais. These rare few provide the only possible assistance to visitors who arrive without the permission of the city's rulers, the mysterious Black Triune.2


While senior members of the Umbral Court, Nidal's shadowy aristocracy, meet in the city three times a year, the day-to-day affairs of the city and the nation are left to the mysterious Black Triune. This three member council has governed the city since the Age of Darkness, its membership remaining unchanged and unchallenged in all that time. The will of the Black Triune is enforced by Myrkos Roarik, Right Hand of the Triune. A veteran of the Everwar, this vampiric general leads the Adamant Company on bloody missions throughout the Uskwood and beyond.1


Pangolais is one of the few places in the Inner Sea region where vampires can live quite openly. This is because they are not only tolerated by the Umbral Court, but can survive during the daytime due to the city's shadowy lighting.3


Paizo published an article about Pangolais in Nidal, Land of Shadows.

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